Monoclonal Antibodies

Hybridoma Development & Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

SouthernBiotech offers a broad range of services for the development and production of monoclonal antibodies. Our Hybridoma Development and Monoclonal Antibody Production Services include - immunization, cell fusion, cloning, characterization, and production of your monoclonal antibody in vivo in BALB/c or immunocompromized (e.g., SCID, Nu/Nu, RAG-/-) mice, or in vitro in flasks or bioreactors. Additional services include antibody purification and conjugation to fluorochromes and enzymes.
Available Services for Hybridoma Development   Cat. No.
Pre-Immunization Antigen Processing and Modification
Homogenization of Antigen in Gels or Nitrocellulose Slices   SBCS-19
Conjugation to KLH for Immunization   SBCS-22K
Conjugation to BSA for Screening   SBCS-22B
Dialysis into Physiological Buffer   SBCS-22D
Phase I - Immunization and Evaluation of Antibody Titer   SBCS-30I
Immunization of Three (3) BALB/c mice with your supplied and purified antigen. Includes Four (4) immunizations per our standard protocol and daily care. Test bleeds and ELISA data will be provided for your evaluation and decision to continue development.
Phase II - Fusion, Plating, and Screening   SBCS-30II
Splenocytes of one of the mice are fused with a selected myeloma cell line. All specific antibody producing colonies are selected by ELISA for expansion. Supernatant from Five (5) of the best hybridoma-containing wells will be shipped to you for screening. Cryopreservation of up to Five (5) positive clones.
Phase III - Cloning, Expansion, and Cryopreservation   SBCS-30III
Subcloning of one positive clone to monoclonality by two rounds of limiting dilution. ELISA screening to detect positive antibody-secreting subclones. Cryopreservation of Ten (10) vials of the hybridoma cell line and isotyping of one monoclonal antibody.
Phase IV - Amplification   SBCS-30IV
Production and shipment of monoclonal antibody supernatant from one selected clone
Available Services for Monoclonal Production
Subcloning, Expansion, and Screening of Clones SBCS-30S
Cryopreservation - Up to Twenty (20) Clones per Month SBCS-30C
Mycoplasma Testing SBCS-29
Ascites Production in Ten (10) BALB/c Mice SBCS-31
Ascites Production in Twenty (20) BALB/c Mice SBCS-32
Ascites Production in Fifty (50) BALB/c Mice SBCS-33
Ascites Production in One-Hundred (100) BALB/c Mice SBCS-34
Ascites Production in Ten (10) Immunocompromised Mice SBCS-35
Ascites Production in Twenty (20) Immunocompromised Mice SBCS-36
Ascites Production in Fifty (50) Immunocompromised Mice SBCS-37
Ascites Production in One-Hundred (100) Immunocompromised Mice SBCS-38
In vitro Production in Cell Culture Flask - Fifty (50) to One-Hundred (100) mL SBCS-91
In vitro Production in Cell Culture Flask - Thirty (30) mL SBCS-92
In vitro Production in Bioreactor SBCS-90
Note – Prior to initiating an antibody development project, the customer must provide SouthernBiotech with a signed assurance that any customer-supplied material is mycoplasma-free, non-infectious, non-carcinogenic, and has no known safety concerns to animals or humans.
To initiate a Custom Service Project -
Contact our Technical Services Department at 205.945.1774 or
Toll-free within the US and Canada 800.722.2255
A project manager will be assigned and report to you regularly on an agreed schedule.
Discounts and third party arrangements are not accepted in conjunction with SouthernBiotech Custom Services.
All custom services are accepted and undertaken on a “best efforts” basis only. SouthernBiotech cannot and does not make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose for any material produced or service provided; and, all charges are due and payable as billed regardless of the outcome of our work