As an active member of the research community, you may have developed monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins or other reagents that would be of interest to your colleagues. These reagents could represent an unforeseen asset that can lead to an improved level of funding for your research activities. We invite you to contact us at any time when you think you may have developed a technology that would enhance our product line and have broad reception in the research market.
How Do I Benefit by Licensing My Reagents

By allowing SouthernBiotech to license your reagents, we can relieve you and your staff from the time consuming and costly burden of commercializing your technology. In exchange for transferring these responsibilities to us, you are provided with an additional source of revenue in the form of a royalty based upon a percentage of our sales of the technology that you transfer to us. In addition, we will provide reasonable quantities of your reagent back to you for your internal research needs “free-of-charge.” Also, if a cell line is lost, we would be pleased to provide a replacement.
SouthernBiotech has a full-time staff dedicated to customer and technical assistance. We construct a technical database for every licensed product and educate our technical staff on applications for each product; however, there may be instances when additional information is required. In such cases, we will contact you or your designated staff member for assistance.
How to Contact Our Licensing Department

If you would like to discuss a potential partnership, please contact us –
Southern Biotechnology Associates, Inc.
Attn - Licensing Department
PO Box 26221
Birmingham, AL 35260 USA
US and Canada Toll Free - 800.722.2255
Other areas call - 205.945.1774
Fax - 205.945.8768
Email -