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SouthernBiotech provides complete services for production of immunogenic peptides for antibody development.
Fmoc chemistry available for peptide synthesis
Synthesis of multiple antigenic peptides (MAPs)
Purification of synthesized peptide to achieve a purity of 95% (other levels of purity available upon request)
Evaluation of synthesized peptide by Mass Spectrometry, amino acid sequence analysis and HPLC methods to ensure sequence integrity and purity prior to conjugation
Consultation available to select the appropriate chemistry for conjugation of peptide to carrier proteins
Conjugation to carrier protein and purification of peptide/carrier complex by gel filtration chromatography

Available Services Cat. No.
Peptide Synthesis (includes Mass Spec and HPLC Analysis) SBCS-20
10-25 a.a. 1-10mg of peptide
10-25 a.a. 10-25mg of peptide
> 25 a.a.
Peptide Purification (95% purity)by Mass Spec SBCS-21
Conjugation to KLH for Immunization SBCS-22K
Conjugation to BSA for Evaluating Anti-Peptide Antibody Titer SBCS-22B

To initiate a Custom Contract Service Project:
Contact our Technical Services Department at: (205) 945-1774 or
Toll-free within the US and Canada 1-800-722-2255
A project manager will be assigned and report to you regularly on an agreed schedule.
Discounts and third party arrangements are not accepted in conjunction with SouthernBiotech Custom Services.

All custom services are accepted and undertaken on a "best efforts" basis only. SouthernBiotech cannot and does not make any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose for any material produced or service provided; and, all charges are due and payable as billed regardless of the outcome of our work. SouthernBiotech shall not in any case be liable for special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind.
A packaging and shipping charge will be prepaid and added to your invoice. Shipments are normally via Federal Express or similar carrier unless otherwise mutually agreed to in writing prior to shipment.