Mouse Anti-Human Fas Ligand-FITC

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0.1 mg  
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Clone SB93a
Isotype Mouse (BALB/c) IgG2bκ
Isotype Control Mouse IgG2b-FITC
Immunogen Recombinant human Fas ligand
Specificity Human/Chicken Fas ligand
Alternalte Name(s) FasL, CD178, CD95L, TNFSF6
Description Fas ligand (CD178) is a 40 kD type II transmembrane protein that is a member of the tumor necrosis factor superfamily. This well characterized potent apoptotic factor is utilized by cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells to selectively kill virus infected and tumorigenic cells. Moreover, studies indicate that Fas ligand is an important regulator in immune homeostasis where it has been shown to down-regulate immune responses during activation-induced cell death. Fas ligand initiates apoptosis by binding to its receptor, CD95, on target cells which facilitates recruitment of numerous signaling proteins to form a death inducing signaling complex. This signaling complex is then believed to propagate the apoptotic signal through the recruitment and activation of caspase-8.

The SB93a monoclonal antibody detects a band at ~40 kDa corresponding to the transmembrane/insoluble form of Fas ligand.
Format/Conjugate FITC (Fluorescein)
Buffer Formulation Phosphate buffered saline containing < 0.1% sodium azide
Concentration 0.5 mg/mL
Volume 0.2 mL
Storage & Handling 2-8°C; Avoid exposure to light
Please refer to product specific SDS
Applications for relevant formats of this clone include -
Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 1-3
Immunohistochemistry-Frozen Sections – Reported in literature 4
Immunofluorescence – Reported in literature 5
Western Blot 6
Immunoprecipitation 6
Recommended Dilutions Please refer to product specific Technical Bulletin
RRID AB_2794719
Gene ID
356  (Human)
429064 (Chicken)
Gene Symbol
FASLG  (Human)
FASLG (Chicken)
Gene Aliases ALPS1B; APT1LG1; APTL; CD178; CD95-L; CD95L; FASL; TNFSF6; TNLG1A
Uniprot ID
P48023 (Human)
Uniprot Name
  • 1,10-Phenanthroline stimulated human peripheral blood monocytes were stained with Mouse Anti-Human Fas Ligand-FITC (SB Cat. No. 12115-02).

1,10-Phenanthroline stimulated human peripheral blood monocytes were stained with Mouse Anti-Human Fas Ligand-FITC (SB Cat. No. 12115-02).
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