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Mounting Media

For over 35 years, SouthernBiotech’s Fluoromount-G® has been utilized in fluorescent and colorimetric microscopy applications. With over 20,000 references in the literature citing compatibility with more than 100 fluorochromes and reagents. Fluoromount-G® is recommended for use with samples where image analysis will be promptly performed. DAPI Fluoromount-G® utilizes the same formulation as Fluoromount-G® but with the time saving component of DAPI for nuclear analysis.

SouthernBiotech’s Fluoromount-G® Anti-Fade is ideal for microscopy applications in which the preservation of fluorescence intensity is critical as it contains proprietary anti-fade components to inhibit photobleaching during analysis. Additionally, SouthernBiotech’s Fluoromount-G® Anti-Fade mounting medium exhibits minimal background in the blue spectrum which can be present with other vendor’s anti-fade formulations.