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Fragmented Antibodies

SouthernBiotech F(ab’)2 and Fab fragmented secondary antibodies are extensively characterized, affinity-purified polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies with specificities to the mouse, human, rabbit, goat, rat, hamster, and sheep. They are available in a variety of formats including unconjugated as well as enzyme, biotinylated, and fluorescent conjugates for your flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and cell stimulation assays. Their small size is advantageous in the detection of primary antibodies in certain applications in which reduced nonspecific binding from Fc interactions and more efficient tissue penetration is needed.

Selected antibodies have been cross-adsorbed against IgG and/or serum proteins from other species to generate antibodies with minimal cross-reactivity to those species. It is important to use a secondary antibody that has minimal cross-reactivity to the species of your sample. We have a comprehensive offering of F(ab’)2 and Fab fragment polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, all produced and validated in-house, for use in your specific assay.