Antibody Purification Services

With decades of experience providing antibody purification services, SouthernBiotech reliably delivers purified monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with superior performance. We routinely isolate antibodies from serum, cell culture supernatant, ascites fluid, and egg yolks, using the techniques that are best suited for the host species, source material, and specificity and purity desired.

Service Overview

Whether you are working with our custom antibody production team or have source material that you would like purified, our custom antibody purification service is ready to quickly deliver. We offer a wide variety of purification methods and can customize a service project that delivers the desired purity and yield.

We routinely purify antibodies from a wide range of materials, including:

  • Serum
  • Cell culture supernatant
  • Ascites fluid
  • Egg yolks

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Purification Methods

We will use one or more of the following methods, choosing the ones that will best deliver the required levels of specificity and purity.

We recommend custom affinity chromatography when high purity is desired. This method maximizes purity of only the most specific antibodies while removing other unwanted pre-immune antibodies.

For high-yield purification of IgG antibodies in a single step, Protein G affinity chromatography can be utilized. Protein G has high affinity and specificity to the antibody's Fc region, although binding efficiency will vary depending on the host species and the IgG subclass of the antibody. Protein G is highly effective for purifying monoclonal antibodies from ascites and supernatant.

We can also use Protein A affinity chromatography for high-yield IgG antibody purification. Like Protein G, Protein A has high affinity and specificity to the antibody’s Fc region, although binding efficiency can vary depending on the host species and the IgG subclass of the antibody. Protein A is useful for purifying rabbit IgG antibodies from serum.

Ammonium sulfate (AMS) is widely used in isolating both IgM and IgG from a variety of species. When including AMS in an antibody purification service, we typically follow precipitation with gel filtration to ensure high levels of purity. AMS can be used as a first step when purifying monoclonal antibodies sourced from ascites.

Caprylic acid is another precipitation-based method that can be used to isolate IgG antibodies. As with AMS, we recommend following caprylic acid precipitation with an additional purification step, such as gel filtration, to achieve the desired purity level. Caprylic acid can be used as a first step when purifying normal serum and ascites.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) precipitation may be used to prepare IgM and IgA from serum and ascites samples. As with other precipitation methods, we recommend following PEG precipitation with gel filtration to maximize antibody purity.

We can use a single gel matrix or a sequence of size exclusion columns to purify IgM and IgG antibodies. We typically use this technique as a final purification step to yield antibodies of very high purity.

The removal of endotoxin from antibodies is particularly critical for in vivo studies. Our aseptic purification method for the removal of endotoxin typically results in minimal product loss. Endotoxin levels that meet your specific needs may be requested.

Since IgY is not bound by typical IgG affinity resins (Protein G or Protein A), we use proprietary methods to deliver highly pure IgY.

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Proven expertise, outstanding service, and responsive customer support are just a few of the reasons why scientists continue to turn to SouthernBiotech for custom antibody purification services.

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