Antibody Fragmentation Service

Whether you need F(ab’)2, Fab, or Fc antibody fragments, the experienced service team at SouthernBiotech is here to help. We have been providing antibody fragmentation services for over three decades, with service teams focused on driving customer success.

Service Overview

SouthernBiotech provides antibody fragmentation services that can generate F(ab’)2, Fab, or Fc antibody fragments as part of a custom antibody production project, from any of our catalog antibodies, or from antibodies you send to us.


Antibody fragmentation is achieved through digestion with pepsin, to generate F(ab’)2 fragments, or papain, to generate Fab and Fc fragments. The smaller size of the F(ab’)2 and Fab fragments eliminates any nonspecific binding from Fc interactions and leads to improved histochemical staining due to more efficient tissue penetration.

Our fragmentation services include dialysis, digestion, concentration, and purification of the antibody fragments as well as a small pilot time course study to determine the optimal digestion conditions.

Typical yields depend on the type of fragment you are requesting.

As with all of our services, every antibody fragmentation service project is overseen by a dedicated project manager who ensures you stay up-to-date on the status of your project and is available to answer any questions you may have.


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Proven expertise, outstanding service, and responsive customer support are just a few of the reasons why scientists continue to turn to SouthernBiotech for antibody fragmentation services.

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