Isotype Controls

Advance your flow cytometry, IHC, ELISAs, and other immunoassays with one of our high-quality isotype controls, which include monoclonal and polyclonal IgGs from human, mouse, and rat.

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How to select an isotype control

Produced from normal serum, myeloma serum, and monoclonal cell lines, SouthernBiotech’s purified immunoglobulins make excellent isotype controls and blocking reagents for any application, including flow cytometry and IHC.

When selecting an immunoglobulin as an isotype control antibody, be sure to choose one that is the same as your primary antibody in:

  • Host species
  • Isotype (i.e., IgG, IgM, etc.)
  • Conjugation (if any)

For example, if your primary antibody is a Mouse (IgG2a) Anti-Human CD11a-FITC, you will need a Mouse IgG2a-FITC isotype control.

For the most informative results, we recommend that you use the isotype control antibody at the same concentration as the primary antibody.

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