Secondary Antibodies

Stay successful with the sensitive, specific, and consistently performing secondary antibodies that scientists around the world have been relying on for over three decades—all produced on-site for your supply chain certainty.

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How to choose a secondary antibody

Selecting a secondary antibody that will deliver good performance requires consideration of a number of factors, including features of your primary antibody, the sample, the application, and the detection technology.

Why selecting a secondary antibody should be a primary consideration

A well-chosen, well-made secondary antibody can make a big difference in the quality of your data, supporting the performance of your primary antibody by binding to the primary with high sensitivity and specificity. While your secondary antibody will not compensate for a poorly performing primary, a good primary-secondary antibody pairing should deliver high signal, low background, and clear insight into your scientific question. In this article we discuss how to choose a secondary antibody, covering the different factors you should consider during the selection process.

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