Antibody Characterization & Testing Service

With antibody characterization services from SouthernBiotech, you can gain clear insight into the purity and performance of your antibody reagents. We offer a full range of characterization and testing methods, and can customize a service project to deliver the critical information you need.

Service Overview

SouthernBiotech offers antibody characterization services for any antibody, whether made by us or made elsewhere and shipped to us for testing. We routinely use a variety of techniques to evaluate the purity and performance of the antibodies we sell, and extend that proven expertise to all antibody characterization and testing service projects.

Our team is ready to conduct the tests you specify or we can work consultatively with you to design a project that will return the data you need to successfully advance your project.

Here are a few of the assays we offer:

  • Antibody concentration measurement
  • ELISA testing for antigen-specific activity
  • ELISA testing for isotype determination
  • Endotoxin testing by LAL assay
  • Flow cytometry analysis
  • HPLC analysis
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • SDS-PAGE analysis
  • Western blotting

Contact us if what you need is not on the list—our deep expertise covers a wide range of antibody-related techniques.


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Proven expertise, outstanding service, and responsive customer support are just a few of the reasons why scientists continue to turn to SouthernBiotech for antibody characterization services.

Start an antibody characterization & testing project with us and experience the SouthernBiotech difference for yourself.