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Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L)-UNLB

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Purified Rabbit Anti-Goat IgG(H+L) antibody for use in ELISA, immunohistochemistry / immunocytochemistry, and western blot assays.
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1.0 mg $55.00
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Isotype Rabbit IgG
Isotype Control Rabbit IgG-UNLB
Specificity Reacts with the heavy and light chains of goat IgG
Source Pooled antisera from rabbits hyperimmunized with goat IgG
Cross Adsorption None; may react with immunoglobulins from other species and the light chains of other goat immunoglobulins
Purification Method Affinity chromatography on goat IgG covalently linked to agarose
Conjugate UNLB (Unconjugated)
Buffer Formulation Borate buffered saline, pH 8.2
Clonality Polyclonal
Concentration 1.0 mg/mL
Volume 1.0 mL
Recommended Storage 2-8°C
Applications Quality tested applications for relevant formats include -

Other referenced applications for relevant formats include -
Immunohistochemistry-Frozen Sections 8-10
Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin Sections 11,12
Immunocytochemistry 13,14
Western Blot 14-21
RRID Number AB_2796227

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