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Rat Anti-Mouse CD38-AF488 (90)

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Alexa Fluor® 488 Anti-Mouse CD38 antibody for use in flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry assays.
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0.1 mg $219.00
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Clone 90
Isotype Rat IgG2aκ
Isotype Control Rat IgG2a-AF488 (KLH/G2a-1-1)
Specificity Mouse CD38
Alternative Names T10, ADP-ribosyl cyclase, cyclic ADP-ribose hydrolase
Description Murine CD38, a type II transmembrane glycoprotein, is a bifunctional ectoenzyme capable of catabolizing nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) to cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR), and then hydrolyzing cADPR to adenosine diphosphoribose (ADPR). It is expressed at high levels on the surface of peripheral B-lineage cells and at low density on germinal center B cells from unimmunized mice. It has also been reported to be expressed at moderate levels on NK cells, a proportion of peripheral T cells, and a subpopulation of thymocytes which are mostly TCRαβ+, CD4-, CD8-. Murine CD38 is also expressed by all Mac-1+ macrophages in the peritoneal cavities of unimmunized mice but not by unstimulated bone-marrow-derived macrophages. Monoclonal antibodies to CD38 have been shown to induce B and T cell proliferation, protect B cells from apoptosis, and inhibit B lymphopoiesis.
Immunogen Mouse bone marrow pre-B cells
Conjugate AF488 (Alexa Fluor® 488)
Buffer Formulation Phosphate buffered saline containing < 0.1% sodium azide
Clonality Monoclonal
Concentration 0.5 mg/mL
Volume 0.2 mL
Recommended Storage 2-8°C; Avoid exposure to light
Trademark Information Alexa Fluor® is a registered trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. or its subsidiaries
Applications Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 1
Immunohistochemistry-Frozen Sections – Reported in literature 1
Immunoprecipitation – Reported in literature 1
Stimulation – Reported in literature 2

RRID Number AB_2795081
Gene ID 12494 (Mouse)
Gene ID Symbol Cd38 (Mouse)
Gene ID Aliases I-19; ADPRC 1; Cd38-rs1
UniProt ID P56528 (Mouse
UniProt Name CD38_MOUSE (Mouse)

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  1. 1. Oliver AM, Martin F, Kearney JF. Mouse CD38 is down-regulated on germinal center B cells and mature plasma cells. J Immunol. 1997;158:1108-15. (Immunogen, IP, IHC-FS, FC)
  2. 2. Etich J, Bergmeier V, Frie C, Kreft S, Bengestrate L, Eming S, et al. PECAM1+/Sca1+/CD38+ vascular cells transform into myofibroblast-like cells in skin wound repair. PLoS One. 2013;8(1):e53262. (Stim)