Mouse Anti-Mouse H-2Kk-UNLB

Cat. No.
0.5 mg  
Price (USD)
Clone 11-4.1
Isotype Mouse (BALB/c) IgG2aκ
Isotype Control Mouse IgG2a-UNLB
Immunogen CKB cells
Specificity Mouse H-2Kk
Alternalte Name(s) MHC Class I
Description The monoclonal antibody 11-4.1 reacts with the H-2Kk MHC class I alloantigen. The antibody may react with other (e.g., p, q, and r) haplotypes.
Format/Conjugate UNLB (Unconjugated)
Buffer Formulation Borate buffered saline, pH 8.2
Concentration 0.5 mg/mL
Volume 1.0 mL
Storage & Handling 2-8°C
Please refer to product specific SDS
Applications for relevant formats of this clone include -
Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 1,2,4
Immunoprecipitation – Reported in literature 1,5,7
ELISA – Reported in literature 3,6
Purification – Reported in literature 3,5,7
Recommended Dilutions Please refer to product specific Technical Bulletin
RRID AB_2795440
Gene ID
14972 (Mouse)
Gene Symbol
H2-K1 (Mouse)
Gene Aliases H-2K; H-2K(d); H2-D1; H2-K; K-f
Uniprot ID
P04223 (Mouse)
Uniprot Name
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