Mouse Anti-Chicken CD4-FITC

Cat. No.
0.5 mg  
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Clone EP96
Isotype Mouse (BALB/c) IgMκ
Isotype Control Mouse IgM-FITC
Immunogen Chicken splenocytes
Specificity Chicken/Turkey CD4
Description CD4 is a type I transmembrane glycoprotein expressed on approximately 70% of thymocytes, 10% of spleen cells, and 45% of peripheral blood lymphocytes but less than 1% of bursal cells.
Format/Conjugate FITC (Fluorescein)
Buffer Formulation Phosphate buffered saline containing 0.1% sodium azide
Concentration 0.5 mg/mL
Volume 1.0 mL
Storage & Handling 2-8°C; Avoid exposure to light
Please refer to product specific SDS
Applications for relevant formats of this clone include -
Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 2-7
Immunoprecipitation 8
Recommended Dilutions Please refer to product specific Technical Bulletin
RRID AB_2796464
  • Chicken peripheral blood lymphocytes were stained with Mouse Anti-Chicken CD4-FITC (SB Cat. No. 8255-02).

Chicken peripheral blood lymphocytes were stained with Mouse Anti-Chicken CD4-FITC (SB Cat. No. 8255-02).
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