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Gelatin Subbed Slides

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Gelatin Subbed Slides are carefully cleaned and subbed with a solution of 0.1% gelatin and chromium potassium sulfate for improved section adhesion.
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72 Slides/Box (Cat. No. SLD01-BX) $70.00
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Description SouthernBiotech’s Gelatin Subbed Slides have been carefully cleaned and subbed with a solution of 0.1% gelatin and chromium potassium sulfate. The coated slides measure 25 mm x 75 mm with a frosted end for marking. For optimal adhesion, we recommend sections less than 100 μm in thickness.
Recommended Storage -80°C
Applications Other referenced applications for relevant formats include -
Frozen Sections 3,6
Free Floating Frozen Sections 4,5,7,8
Resin Embedded Sections 2

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