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Hamster Anti-Mouse CD30-PE (mCD30.1)

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PE Anti-Mouse CD30 antibody for use in flow cytometry assays.
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Clone mCD30.1
Isotype Hamster (Armenian) IgG1
Isotype Control Hamster IgG-PE
Specificity Mouse CD30
Alternative Names Ki-1, Ber-H2
Description CD30 is a type I transmembrane protein and a member of the tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily of proteins. Murine CD30 is expressed predominantly in the thymus and it is inducible in mouse splenocytes stimulated with pokeweed mitogen or concanavalin A. In anti-CD3ε-activated spleen cells, CD30 is expressed primarily on the surface of CD8+ T cells with peak expression on days 4 and 5. Stimulation of CD30+ CTL lines with plate-bound anti-CD30 directly signals IL-5 but not IFN-γ production. While these studies demonstrate that CD30 directs cytokine secretion and suggest that CD30 may play a pivotal role in the pattern of cytokine production by T cells, the precise roles of CD30 and its ligand (CD153) in T-cell development have not been clearly defined.
Immunogen Mouse CD30-mouse IgG1 fusion protein
Conjugate PE (R-phycoerythrin)
Buffer Formulation Phosphate buffered saline containing < 0.1% sodium azide and a stabilizer
Clonality Monoclonal
Concentration 0.1 mg/mL
Volume 1.0 mL or 2.0 mL
Recommended Storage 2-8°C; Avoid exposure to light; Do not freeze
Applications Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 1
Stimulation – Reported in literature 1,2
Costimulation – Reported in literature 1
Blocking – Reported in literature 3

RRID Number AB_2795040
Gene ID 21941 (Mouse)
Gene ID Symbol Tnfrsf8 (Mouse)
Gene ID Aliases Ki; Cd30; Ki-1; D1S166E
UniProt ID Q60846 (Mouse
UniProt Name TNR8_MOUSE (Mouse)

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  2. 2. Sun X, Yamada H, Shibata K, Muta H, Tani K, Podack ER, et al. CD30 ligand/CD30 plays a critical role in Th17 differentiation in mice. J Immunol. 2010;185:2222-30. (Stim)
  3. 3. Polte T, Behrendt A, Hansen G. Direct evidence for a critical role of CD30 in the development of allergic asthma. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2006;118:942-8. (Block)