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Rat IgM-PE/CY7

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Clone NIP/M-2
Isotype Rat IgMλ
Specificity NIP
Format/Conjugate PE/CY7 (R-phycoerythrin/Cyanine 7)
Buffer Formulation Supplied in PBS/NaN3 and a stabilizing agent
Concentration 0.1 mg/mL
Volume 1.0 mL
Storage & Handling Store at 2-8°C
Please refer to product specific SDS
Applications for relevant formats of this clone include -
Flow Cytometry – Quality tested 1-5
ELISA – Quality tested
FLISA – Quality tested
Immunohistochemistry-Paraffin Sections 6
Recommended Dilutions Please refer to product specific Technical Bulletin
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6. SouthernBiotech unpublished data (IHC-FS)
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